Def. (n): a very cool human being who supports Power In Place through donations, pro bono services, encouragement, and/or positive vibes to help us achieve gender parity in politics: "She gave us crazy good creative!  What a total Pipster!"

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation advances women’s equality and representation in American politics and in the field of contemporary art. Barbara Lee / Funding.

A political consulting firm that offers a unique blend of winning strategy, creative design and advanced analytics. Dylan Sumner / Creative Services.

A design firm that only works with nonprofits and mission-driven small businesses. Their commitment to progressive causes is woven through every aspect of their business. Kristen Argenio / Creative Services.

Adelphi is a place of opportunity where students gain the skills, knowledge and exposure to thrive as professionals and active citizens in an interconnected and fast-paced global society. Tracy Levi / College Network.

Rabbit Ears Media is a company that you can depend on for high-quality digital video production, direction and photography. Helder Mira / Kickstarter Video.

Pipster "Connectors"