Portraits Of Women In Politics

This project celebrates women who have striven to achieve an important presence in the political leadership of this nation.  From small towns to larger cities, rural and urban, local and statewide––women are engaging in politics as never before.  They are fulfilling a crucial role of gender parity in the great responsibilities of governance and civic wellbeing, often bringing with them viewpoints and concerns that reflect their unique life experiences.  In short, the face of politics is changing in the United States and this project spotlights the remarkable women who are at the forefront of that change.


These portraits will be taken in special settings chosen by our subjects themselves.  Each photograph will therefore contain a story within the frame, a personal context, an extension of personality.  These places may be locations of inspiration, peace, strength, grounding, or creativity.  Accompanying each portrait will be the story of the chosen location, told in the politician's own words.  These stories often provide key insights into the development of these women toward a political consciousness and the desire to make a positive change in society.

The Goal

This project aims to increase the participation of women in public office by holding up inspirational role models.  We hope to achieve this through a traveling exhibition of the portraiture, along with the publication of a photo book to accompany the exhibition.  Our long-term objective is to increase the exposure of younger generations of women to the possibility of a political career.  We believe that images are the most powerful way to convey this opportunity to the schoolgirls and teenagers of today who will be tomorrow’s mayors, congresswomen, and presidents.

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