Women’s who run for Congress

Regina Bateson: Candidate for California's Congressional 4th District

Photo: Katrina Hajagos

Photo: Katrina Hajagos

I was talking to one of my former high school teachers trying to get him to run. He flipped it around and said you should actually run. You got the local roots, you got the national and international experience . . . But I said no.
I thought it was outrageous because her whole question was about being valued in society and being respected and all he did was disrespect her . . . That’s what pushed me over the edge, I went home and made my very first website. I used a tool called “CROWDPAC,” which makes it easier for normal people to start running for office, without having the infrastructure, consultants . . .

I hope they remember ordinary people stood up and were able to make a difference… Something that motivated me to run for Congress is the fact that I have three kids. I know in the future they’re going to look back and say- what did you do?

There was an article recently about women who ran for the House of Delegates in Virginia, particularly looking at women with young children who ran there, so I read it with great interest. I was a little disappointed to see that …