Art as a Symbol of Power

Nevertheless, She Persisted Series by Jimena Arnal

Women are complicated, or so they say, the thing is that we can manage many more things in our brain than men. This drawing has pieces of the women who founded it, those they esteem, as well as, those they admire for what they will become. It is a symbol of power, that we can do anything if we put our minds to it, and if we get together, no one can truly beat us. 

I was still struggling through my own hardships when asked to do this piece and it ended up being one of the steps needed for me to take to feel better, get back to myself and help many during the process. 

Jimena Arnal is a Marketing Communications Masters candidate from Emerson College. She is the founder of TeachersLibrary in Boston, which aims to be a new Tech Nonprofit that solves the shortage of fluent English teachers in secondary schools in Latin America by providing them resources and mentors. Prior to TeachersLibrary, Jimena founded UnMundo which she’s since turned into an online community for people to find the empowerment necessary to pull themselves out of desperation and exhaustion, by doing three simple good deeds at a time. She has a B.S. in Administrative Sciences from Universidad Metropolitana, in Caracas, Venezuela.